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Lovely, rare, and created billions of years ago, that is precisely that diamonds are one of the finest gifts of Mother Nature. You may either give India gifts or buy beautiful diamonds or dedicated diamonds for your loved ones from our diamond jewelry shop. Our mission is to include Indian fashion diamonds, including other stunning items, with outstanding quality and be your ultimate destination for quality diamonds. Are you preparing for a wedding or engagement? Make your love eternal with our elegant Lab Grown Diamond.

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Colors & Quality

We've got designer-diamond items in various colors as well as in the best quality, whether you want beautiful, traditional, or contemporary styles for your engagement or wedding ornaments.

Type of Cuts

Form out types of dedicated cuts. We start with a diamond and then add the ideal middle stone-or vice versa. It's up to you what type of cuts you like to select.

We Offer

We offer a broad variety of Solitaire lab diamonds, uniquely made for any event. We have just what you need, whether you're searching for stunning diamonds for your own set or want a fantastic package. We are offering all shapes of elegant diamonds at the best price.


We have a wide range of all-size exquisite diamond obsession rings and marriage ring styles for any woman or men taste.


Loose cut and polished diamonds for the jewelry market and other industrial applications

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Find your ideal diamond shape from our finest collection below:


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About Solitaire Lab Diamond.

Solitaire Lab Diamond

We are a family-owned diamond business. Solitaire Lab Diamonds is one of the leading gems cutters and importers in India and fine gem designers in India.

Our offices have been opened to private clients to provide direct access to an excellent range of diamonds and an exclusive array of more than 2,500 styles, which typically only accessible to the top wholesalers and retailers globally. Much of this is available for wholesalers buying at the same amount.


About Solitaire Lab diamond make Technology


In the case of technology for diamonds, Solitaire Lab Diamonds has imported the newest technologies diamond equipment from numerous parts of the world because different countries have a specialty in each component.

So, we can provide the best shiny and elegant diamond for all our customers.


About Solitaire Lab diamond is Conflict Free.

Conflict Free

We conducted with the notion that it is pleasant to buy precious stones. It can be a unique and stunning investment, and solitaire Lab Diamonds is here to help you in choosing the best diamond at the right price.


About Solitaire Lab diamond is Eco Friendly.

Eco Friendly

We work Eco-friendly. Solitaire Lab Diamonds first assess the nature and the weight of a consumer then give a variety of solutions. Looking at loose diamonds is incredibly necessary. The color of a setting can influence the diamond color, and a set may mask inclusions that you can see only when you are loose. If it has an environment, there is no way to decide proper diamond carat weight correctly.

Our Promise To You

When you shop at Solitaire lab Diamond, you can shop with confidence. Every Diamond Wish purchase comes with an appraisal report, free shipping, free returns within 30 days.

Solitaire Lab Diamonds

About Certified or non-Certified
Lab Grown Diamonds


A gemological composition, natural rareness, and finished quality determine the value of a precious pier. Similarly, diamonds and gemstones can have significant differences in cost. Also, professionals need effective analytical methods to identify syntheses, processes, and procedures for development. The specifics of the goods are involved explicitly disclosed in a certificate that gives buyer and seller trust.

You take a lot from the imagination while shopping with us as a certified diamond, which essential to your unique diamond ring. Viewing a diamond credential will give you peace of mind if you try to choose from a list of diamonds that are not accredited.

Moreover, you can think about and enjoy diamonds from shopping for approved diamonds. You will eventually start to learn the complexities of characteristics, including color and visibility, as you begin to grasp the different requirements described in your Diamond Grading Report and then evaluate grades with your unfamiliar eyes.

Our vision

Solitaire Lab Diamonds is the leading destination in India for fine diamonds of high quality with unique designs. In India, Solitaire Lab Diamonds are trying to revolutionize the segment of fine diamonds and lifestyles with a heavy emphasis on artisanal, consistency, and customer service. We have grown a significant family of loyal customers in India and abroad in a short period.

For your preference, we deliver exclusive diamond designs. All of those designs are ideally crafted and carefully offer a Variety of vision-changing diamonds that match our customer’s specifications.


What Clients Say

I highly recommend this seller, I was a bit unsure as it still has few sales, however it arrived in perfect condition. and as described.
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Jonathan Patel
Solitaire lab diamond is an internationally recognized best lab grown Diamonds manufacture. We are leading online supplier of Lab Grown Diamonds in USA (NYC). Buy CVD Lab Created Diamonds nyc Online at wholesale prices.
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Dev6 Ts6
I just bought Radiant shaped diamond from Solitaire Lab Diamond for the first time online a few weeks back and it definitely won't be my last time. I was nervous when I purchased because you never know what to expect when it's your first time purchasing, but they did not disappoint. Great purchase and worth it.
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Web Developer
Great Experience. Huge selection and I appreciate that their products are genuine at affordable price.
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Hank Tracy